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Music for meditation and relaxation



Meditation Music is an app to let you enjoy some dozen ambience tracks designed especially for meditating and relaxing. From the app's main menu, you can select any with just a tap. Once you're listening to one of the tracks, you can also add sounds: chirping birds, wind blowing, bells, and crackling fire, among others.

When you play one of the ambience tracks, you can leave it running indefinitely or play it to a timer, setting the music to turn off in anywhere between five minutes and two hours. This is a good option if you use the music to fall asleep, so it turns itself off once you're asleep.

Meditation Music is a really useful app for anyone who enjoys meditating or is looking for music to help them unwind. This relaxing app can transport you to all sorts of different places, and all you have to do is close your eyes.